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Hi, I’m Emelyn Lybarger, a life coach and leadership development professional. Whether you want stronger leadership capacity, greater resiliency in the face of life’s challenges and transitions, or deeper connection with yourself and in your relationships, I’ll assist you step-by-step to move forward.


Body-Based Approach

While traditional coaching may be seen to work with the thinking self and the emotional or feeling self, working with clients through a somatic methodology means working with the entirety of our being: our thoughts, feelings, and emotions; our physical selves; and our energetic presence.


The coaching and team development work I offer is wholistic, integrating those three facets. Our lives are lived through those, and we are our most powerful, authentic selves when they are in alignment.


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I am a certified somatic coach from the Strozzi Institute in Petaluma, CA, with an M.A. in Intercultural Communications from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Since 2012, I have provided life and leadership coaching to clients, and in 2016, began working in team development using somatic methodologies.


Since 2009, I have studied under Suzanne Roberts of Unifying Solutions. I incorporate the principles of our inherent interconnection and interdependence in my work with individuals and teams. My co-facilitators and I provide introductory trainings, workshops, and practice opportunities across central Ohio.


Many of us have received messages that we should be able to navigate life's challenges on our own. Many of us believe we shouldn't - in fact can't - rely on anyone else. We think that if we do ask for help or can’t figure out something on our own, we’re weak, needy, or something is wrong with us. And so, we do our best to “pull ourselves up by our bootstraps” and just keep going.

Further, we live in a culture in which we find ourselves ever more isolated in our homes, on our devices, and away from community.

But we’re not meant to do it alone. We’re meant to be in community. Human beings have been in community for thousands of years. We wouldn’t have survived as a species if people had insisted on “doing it alone.”

Sometimes, all we need is someone to be present, listening and supporting us as we connect more deeply with the life inside of us. Someone who trusts the innate wisdom that is already within each of us. Someone who believes in us, sees the truth of who we are, and supports us as we move forward.

I am that someone.




Guidance & Inspiration

Do you long for more in your life? More rest and ease? Greater connection? More confidence? It is absolutely possible. Learn how.


Do you have a challenging conversation to face into, or want to say no more often, and you’re not sure what it takes to do it? It is absolutely attainable. Learn how.


Together we’ll explore what you want, why it matters, how you can achieve it, and what support you need along the way.





Embrace Life’s Challenges

Life insists on some things, and often it is outright demanding. How do you stay grounded and centered when so much is required of you?


Building your capacity and resiliency is key. It may be surprising to learn that setting boundaries is essential as well!


How to do that while navigating the complexities of being in a leadership role? Let’s talk.


Building a Cohesive Team

Whether your team is solid, unified, and consistent, or faces challenges in communication, trust, and flexibility, through somatic practices we'll foster growth and learning.


I’ll support your team in facing into challenging conversations, addressing breakdowns, fostering trust and building team cohesiveness. Contact me to schedule a free consultation.




1 hr | $95



2-6 team members

1 hr | $200


7+ team members

1 hr | $275

Want to know if somatic coaching is for you? I offer the first session for free. Let's talk.



Fee depends on group size

1 hr | $325/$400


"I sometimes struggle to stop the spiraling cycle of getting stressed out, demanding too much of myself and everyone else. Working with Emelyn has helped me to recognize what triggers stress for me before it gets out of hand, how to navigate through difficult circumstances in a balanced way, and to be aware of my own capacity during demanding times. I am learning to be more kind to myself."


Emelyn makes specific observations and gives intuitive feedback. She gives inspired specific steps to take with me so I leave with something I can practically use. Emelyn gently opens and holds a presence that allows me to find my truer self and those values that I hold, so I can see and express my own strength from a place of acceptance and wholeness. It's a beautiful thing to leave more like yourself than when you arrived. She is an excellent personal coach!

Team Manager
Ami Peacock,
Mount Carmel West Healthy Living Center

"Through team and leadership development with Emelyn, our  team has become more unified as we've built trust, strengthened communication, and become more skillful in navigating difficult conversations. As we face into a time of transition, we are leaning into the skills we've developed with Emelyn's support."

Team Members,
Mount Carmel West
Health Living Center

“This was an amazing experience to have! My life has been positively impacted because of what I learned today!”

“Emelyn is an excellent listener. I appreciate her clear and concise communication style. She allows space and time for participants to learn, process, and practice.”

“This work is truly incredible and powerful. I am so grateful that our team will continue this path of strength and support, to be even more effective….”

“Emelyn’s style was extremely helpful, grounding and present. Thank you!”

Keep Wayne Wild Participants

“The trainers brought calm and focus… The energy reached me and…facilitated connections between group members that will continue to inform us.”

“Very powerful – thank you for your gifts.”

Community Workshop Participants,
Mount Carmel West
Healthy Living Center

“This was very enlightening and empowering. We tend to forget/ignore our bodies and our sensations.”

“Wonderful class with tools to help and insights.”

“Thank you, I feel empowered to stay connected, say no, and mean it.”


If you have any questions, or want to schedule a session, please get in contact. I look forward to hearing from you!


Old Henderson Rd
Upper Arlington, OH



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